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Your transponder key is lost; what to do about it

Being human is sometimes not easy. This is particularly true when we lose things. We can misplace a pen or a toothbrush and be annoyed but when we lose our transponder key, the feelings can be crushing. The reasons for this are simple. Transponder keys are necessary for accessing and operating our cars. Without them we go nowhere and replacing a transponder key can be time consuming, expensive and quite the hassle. Here at Marietta Locksmith Georgia, we know this to be true as we cut and program transponder keys for local Marietta, GA customers on a regular basis. With our service, you don’t endure long waits or middle man run-around like you do by going through conventional means like your car dealership. Our prices are much lower, too. More on that later!

Don’t freak out!

We know! Easy to say, hard to do! The odd fact is that we don’t notice that our transponder keys are missing until we need them and at that point, it’s too late. Panic ensues and often anger and other emotions soon follow. A wave of thoughts rushes through your brain. How are you going to drive with no key? What will you do for transportation in the mean time? How much will replacing your transponder key cost you? What if someone finds your missing key and uses it to steal your car? These are just some of the many questions that you may be entertaining. At the same time, you may be trying to remember where and when you last saw or used your key. Did the dog play with it and drop it into the gutter? Is your missing key lost behind a couch cushion? Did you drop it in the office parking lot? Did one of your co-workers steal it? What is your next move?

Why so much hassle?

There was a time (pre 1995) when car keys were not of the transponder variety. These ‘regular’ car keys were simply made and easily copied for a dollar or so. You could take your car key to a gas station, convenience store, mail center or magazine stand and the part time clerk on duty to could make a key or three for you while you wait. It was easy, inexpensive and quick for you to make a car key but that in itself was the problem. Cars were easy to steal then as they could be hot wired or stolen with an easily copied ignition key. A transponder key is expensive and difficult to copy and car thieves cannot simply hot wire your smart car or have a duplicate key made in order to steal it. Your transponder key transmits a radio signal to your car’s onboard computer. Both the car and the transponder key are synched to match signals and only then is the engine allowed to turn over. Your transponder key contains an embedded chip in its head and this is what sends the signal to your car’s computer in order to be recognized and start the engine. See? Your transponder key’s best feature; (prevents car theft) also makes it your worst nightmare; (getting it duplicated!).

The traditional way of duplicating your transponder key

Notice we said “traditional” and not the “only way” to do make a key copy. The usual method is to make an appointment with your dealership for transponder key copying and programming. A new key will have to be cut and the embedded chip in the key head will have to be programmed to match your car’s computer. Obviously your car will need to be there and since it won’t run without the key, you will need to have it towed. Wow; another expense and hassle! The work itself will take a few hours so you will need to either leave your vehicle there or resign yourself to a long wait in the service area. So much for your valuable time! Your dealership is authorized by the car maker to do this task but guess what? They are not the only ones authorized to do this!

The best method; bar none!

Call our automotive locksmiths and if you are not in town, call a full service locksmith shop in your area that is authorized to duplicate and program transponder keys. A simple phone call will reveal which ones are. Here’s where it gets good! You’ll save a lot of money in the process. Typically, locksmith shops charge significantly less for this service than the dealerships and if you find an affordable locksmith shop to work with the savings are even greater. Most shops offer free price quotes so be sure to ask for yours. The benefits of working with a locksmith keep piling up as you realize that the technician will come to you and you don’t need to sit all day in a service area listening to car’s being worked on and smelling oil and grease. This saves your nerves and your time. You also don’t have to pay for towing charges as your car and new transponder keys will be made and programmed right on location at your home, office or workplace. Let’s recap; money savings, time savings and convenience; what’s not to like! In fact, you can save so much money; you can afford to have some spare keys made!

Another bad option

Don’t be fooled by internet transponder key scams. They take your money and the keys don’t work and no refunds are usually made. The keys they send you are not authorized transponder keys and you will wind up losing time and your funds by following this route. Don’t be fooled by fake testimonials either. They are either out and out lies or paid actors were used to produce them.

Last tips

Try keeping track of your transponder keys in the future. Get in the habit of putting them in the same place when at work or at home. Repetition breeds habits over time and soon you will quickly notice if your keys are not where they ought to be.

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