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Why Invest in a Gun Safe

Ownership of guns has always been debatable. Regardless of how you feel about having guns, it doesn’t look as though they are going anywhere. If you are the owner of guns, you have a responsibility to keep them out of the reach of others, especially children and burglars. If you do not have a safe for your guns, you may be liable for someone’s death. There are various ways to protect others from being able to get to your guns. The way you choose to protect them depends on who you’re trying to keep them away from. If you think that a glass-front cabinet is enough, think again. Burglars will be able to easily break it and grab what they want. However, children may not be able to do this without seriously harming themselves or others. It would be tragic if your child were able to get into the cabinet despite your best effort to protect them. However, at Marietta Locksmith GA in Marietta, GA, we have put together a couple of things that you should now about gun safes and why it is good idea to invest in one that we think are worth considering.

State Laws

Many states have laws that actually make it mandatory for gun owners to keep them locked up. The District of Columbia and other states require that owners have a locking device soon after purchasing their gun. The District of Columbia and one other state require that your gun must be stored with a lock. In California, there are even requirements for the type of safe you have to use for your firearms. They must be approved by the California Department of Justice. It is important that you check local laws related to owning a gun and storing it.

Protecting Your Right to Bare Arms

Anti-gun groups send out the message that guns are unsafe in the hands of anybody. They conclude that guns are a public safety issue and pose a serious threat. Their solution to this threat is to eliminate all guns. They characterize gun owners who comply with the law, irresponsible, even though they have proven otherwise. They constantly exploit the tragedies involving guns to push their agenda. Those accidents that prove non-fatal also receive national and local legislative recognition. If the incident involved children, it is talked about even more and attracts more media coverage. It doesn’t matter how far and few these incidents occur, they will still receive a lot of attention. When you keep your guns locked in a safe, you are protecting your 2nd Amendment rights, showing the authorities that you are responsible.

Access Laws Protecting Children

Despite no federal requirements to keep guns in a safe, the District of Columbia and 27 states require that guns is locked up for the safety and protection of children who are able to access them. This may even apply even if you do not have children in the home. There are stiff penalties for those who do not comply. You could face the charge of criminal liability for negligent storage even if there was no incident caused by a child. It is important that you check your local laws to ensure you are in complete compliance with local regulations for owning a firearm. Keep in mind that even if you do not have children living in the home, if you have children over, they might find your gun.

Keep Out of the Hands of Intruders

If you collect guns, no doubt you have some that are worth a lot of money. This is what one of the things intruders are known to target when they break into homes. Whether or not the gun seems to be worth anything to you, you can best believe that there is a street value for that gun. They are often stolen and sold on the streets to people who are unable to get a license for them. Now lets go back to the value of your gun. If someone breaks in and steals your guns, you could be out of a lot of money, especially if they are collector items that are no longer in production. This would be enough to upset anyone. Lock them away in a safe. Again, we wouldn’t recommend a glass case, despite your desire to want to display them. It may not be in your best interest. They can easily be broken.

Consider the possibility of a gun, stolen from your home, being used in a murder. This means that if the gun is found, they will trace it back to you, unless you reported it as stolen. In some cases, you might experience a burglary and not report the gun missing because you didn’t realize it was missing. This is easy to happen especially if you do not use the gun very often. The best way to avoid ending up in this situation is to make sure your gun is safely stored away in a durable safe that would be extremely hard for anyone to open, even a seasoned criminal.

Immediate Access

If you have purchased a gun for protection, you may want to keep it in reach. This might mean that you want it in your bedroom or in the hallway; wherever you can gain quick access to it. There are plenty of manufacturers who make safes small enough to store practically anywhere inconspicuously. They also offer them so that they can be quickly accessed should the need to do so ever arise. If you have them in various cases that require different keys, this could be problematic. Having them stored in a safe with a quick code might be a better option. Shop around, you have plenty of options to choose from these days.

Discounted Insurance

Some insurance companies offer discounted rates for guns that are kept in specific types of safes. Check with your insurance agent to see if you can save on insurance with the gun safe you are considering purchase to store your gun in before purchasing it. You wouldn’t want to buy it if you couldn’t save money on your insurance. Find one that will.

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